Reading and spelling system

​The Barton tutoring system is for anyone who struggles with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia as well as other learning disabilities.

The program uses an empirically based Orton–Gillingham approach to reading instruction. Like other programs based on Orton–Gillingham, Barton is "multi-sensory" by engaging all the senses to help the reader make valuable connections between sounds and words.

The Costello Center provides one on one sessions between the reader and a Barton Tutor. These very structured sessions aid the reader in achieving long-term success in a short period of time.

To enroll in the Barton Reading & Spelling System for immediate results and increased confidence, contact The Costello Center at 727-345-2667 to make an appointment today.


How we Can Help . . .

"That a person who reads lives a thousand lives, but a person who never reads lives only one"

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University actually found that "reading a story gives the brain similar network connections as actually living through an experience yourself"

However, children who have difficulty reading quickly lose the desire to read, which can hinder success in many other areas of their life.

Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a difference in children’s educational performance. Children who read for enjoyment every day perform better on reading tests, develop a broader vocabulary, develop increased general knowledge, and gain a better understanding of other cultures.

(The Read-Aloud Family, 2018)